Repairs service update 6th April 2021

Repairs Service update - Emergencies and urgent repairs only

From Tuesday 6th April we will be expanding our services to include requests for urgent repairs.  We will also be asking residents to log repair requests themselves online at


  • Please call us on 020 3166 2608 only if your issue is an emergency.  This includes no hot water or heating, total loss of power, major leaks, broken toilets (if no other toilet), blocked drains and major structural damage or any situation which poses an imminent threat to life, danger of serious injury or major damage to the property.
  • We’ll continue to carry out any Health and Safety compliance activity and would ask residents who share communal entrances to keep them clear of obstruction or personal goods.
  • Please do not use Fixflo to report an emergency repair but call us on 020 3166 2608.
  • If you or anyone in your household have symptoms of Coronavirus or if you’re self-isolating, please let us know at the time of booking.

Our offices at Teddington and at our co-ops are still closed and our team is currently working from home. This is being constantly reviewed.

We'll continue to listen carefully to Government advice and advise you to keep checking in to where we'll keep you updated with further changes.


* If you're a member of Ealing, Chippenham, Flame, Nimbus or Senacre co-op please contact a member of your committee for repairs advice. 

Longlife and Bramleys co-ops have different repairs arrangements and you are asked to check your own page under the "Client Co-ops" tab above

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.




Published 21st December 2021.  Reviewed 18th January 2021