Do you claim welfare benefits?

It's really important that you keep Housing Benefit and Universal Credit informed of any changes to your rent. 

Failure to do this could mean that your rent account falls into arrears because the amount of benefit you're receiving will be less than the rent being charged.  Co-op Homes cannot inform the Housing Benefit or Universal Credit departments on your  behalf and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to revise your existing claim and produce the letter you received from us so they can make the necessary adjustments in time for when the rent increase comes into force.

Please do this as soon as you receive your rent increase letter so there is time for them to make the necessary adjustments.  Authorities will not back date claims because claimants forget to inform them which could mean that your rent account falls into arrears and we will be asking you to make up the shortfall.

Don't put your home at risk - please make this task a priority if you are a welfare benefit claimant.

To check your current rent balance simply text BAL to 07398 377388.

To see a summary of your rent statement click here to view it though your secure MyTenancy account.