Report your repair

We're pleased to offer our customers access to our online repairs ordering system (where Co-op Homes provides this service to your organisation).  We've teamed up with Fixflo (at to introduce a self-serve online repairs ordering system that is quick and easy to use. After you've logged in and registered the first time, you can save the details to the  home screen on your device and instantly click the link each time you need to make a request.

There's now the benefit of allowing you to report repairs in over 40 different languages and offers self-help guides which may help resolve your issue even quicker without the need for an appointment.  Our parent, RHP, created some helpful videos for its residents which offer DIY repairs advice about common household issues which may also help you.  Click here to view the DIY Videos on the RHP website.

Whilst we hope that giving you access to order your own repairs (if this something that Co-op Homes does for you), is convenient,  you should ONLY phone us on 020 3166 2608 if your issue is an emergency or for advice if a member of your household is displaying symptoms of COVD-19 so we can deal with it instantly.  


If Co-op Homes manages your repairs, click the image on the left to be taken directly to the repairs self-service page. 

 Try to enter as much information as you can about the problem and attach a photo or video if possible.  While browsing the site you'll also find some useful help information that may help you resolve the issue yourself!

*Please note that we have the right to refuse certain repairs requests. Our agreement to carry out repairs will depend upon the terms of your tenancy and your landlord’s repairs policy.

 A video explaining the process when using Fixflo can be viewed using the link below.

You can also report a non-emergency repair to us by texting REPAIR (with a brief summary of the problem) to 07398 377388.    After submitting your repair request online or by text you'll receive confirmation that your request has been sent successfully. We'll try to respond to all repair requests within one working day of receipt but if you haven't heard back within that time please call us on 020 3166 2608 during office hours or email

 * If you're a member of Ealing, Chippenham, Flame, Minster, Senacre or Nimbus co-ops please contact a member of your committee for repairs advice. Longlife and Bramleys co-ops have different repairs arrangements and you are asked to check your co-op's own page under the "Client Co-ops" tab above.

Please do not use this page to report a repair which is an emergency.

For emergencies please telephone 0203 166 2608.

Calls outside of office hours will be transferred to our emergency out-of-hours contractors, Pinnacle.