Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

At Co-op Homes' we're proud to deliver services to all our customers in a polite, friendly and courteous way and we expect our employees, representatives and contractors to be treated with equal respect. 

We know that sometimes we don't get this right and if you're unhappy with the service you received or the way we've delivered it we encourage you to make a complaint so we can learn from our mistakes.

Sadly, some people can interact with us in a way that is unreasonable or unfair to our employees and can make our people feel unsafe. These type of negative interactions can take a great deal of resources which means we have less time to spend on the rest of our residents and customers.

Our new Unreasonable Behaviour Policy helps make clear what we consider unreasonable or unacceptable and describes how we will deal with it. We want our employees and representatives to feel safe and supported in the workplace.

The policy covers all forms of interaction including face to face contact, emails, telephone and text and have been approved by Co-op Homes' Customer Focus Group.

Please see the Policy for full details.