Welcome to Deptford Housing Co-op!

We’re really looking forward to providing our new Deptford residents with a great service and will be working with the Management Committee to make sure that the transition to us as new Managing Agents will be as smooth as possible.

Co-op Homes will cover the following key areas of customer service:

  • Managing tenancy issues such as changes in tenancy; providing advice on members’ rights and obligations; and taking action to enforce the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement such as the prompt payment of rent and dealing with health and safety breaches and neighbour nuisance.
  • Receipt and management of rent payments.
  • Providing guidance and support (where appropriate) around Housing Benefit, Occupational Therapy and other services that support tenants to sustain their tenancies.
  • Receiving, diagnosing and ordering repairs and maintenance requests from members.
  • Providing an out-of-hours emergency repairs service

For further information please contact: customer.services@coophomes.coop