Repairs - whose responsibility is it?

Tenants and members have certain personal responsibilities in relation to the repair, maintenance and care of their homes. This page outlines what they are.

Repairs which are the resident's responsibility

Internal joinery and exterior Doors
Co-op Homes will only carry out repairs to internal joinery where the damage is caused by rot or woodworm or where items are beyond economic repair due to age. We will not carry out minor repairs to internal joinery or renew internal doors.

We will repair exterior doors and will only replace them if they are beyond economic repair. 

Broken windows & door glazing
You are responsible for repairing broken glazing unless you have been broken into and have a crime number which we can check with the police. We can however arrange to board broken windows to secure your home.   

If you lock yourself out, you are responsible for getting the lock changed and, if necessary, the door repaired. We can provide you with details of locksmiths to contact and pay directly, but if you ask us to arrange the work we will re-charge for the cost of doing so plus an admin charge.  If you damage the door in getting back into your home, you are responsible for the cost of repairing it. If you live in a property with a communal entry system we will provide you with two communal door keys, access codes or entry fobs. If you need replacement or extra keys or fobs there will be a charge for this.

Plaster repairs
You are responsible for all minor plaster repairs. If you strip wallpaper in your home and remove the plaster from the walls in the process we will not re-plaster your walls.

Decorations following repair works
Co-op Homes will make good any area damaged by essential repair work unless the work required was due to damage caused by the resident or a guest/relative etc or by negligence or misuse of the property. Making good will be to a reasonable standard and will not necessarily be like for like.
Repairs before you move home
An outgoing tenant may be required to remove non-standard fittings and fixtures or equipment from their homes at their own expense prior to departure. Any costs incurred by Co-op Homes as a result of DIY or repair work carried out by customers to a poor standard or where fixtures and fittings have to be removed by Co-op Homes in order to bring a property up to a lettable standard will be recharged back to the outgoing tenant.

Co-op Homes

  • Will not maintain showers unless these have been provided by us
  • Does not repair or renew toilet seats.
  • Does not renew light bulbs and/or electrical fuses
  • Is not responsible for carrying out cosmetic work or  repairing/replacing alterations, fixtures or  fittings installed by you.
  • Will not clear blockages in sink, basin or bath traps or wastes
  • Is not responsible for replacing or repairing your flooring unless it is in  the  kitchen or bathroom  AND it was installed by us.  It will be renewed in line  with our property lettings standard.
  • Reserves the right not to carry out a repair or to recharge you for the cost of reinstating  any damage where you are responsible for a repair or have caused damage or if damage occurs to your home which is unexplained or repeated

Co-op Homes will actively re-charge where we are entitled to do so please check with the Customer Advisers when reporting a repair whether your repairs request is a rechargeable item.  

Co-op Homes reserves the right to charge a £50 admin fee to rechargeable invoices in addition to a minimum call out fee of £36. 

Our Rechargeable Repairs Policy which lists all items which are a tenant's responsibility is downloadable on this page. 
Our parent, RHP, has produced some useful videos which give guidance on simple DIY tasks that are the residents responsibility. Please click on the links below remembering that these were made for RHP tenants who have different repairs contact information than Co-op Homes.