Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Times are hard for everyone right now and we know it's sometimes difficult to keep on top of the many demands on your finances.  You might be tempted to not make a rent payment one week but we urge you not to do that as your rent is a priority debt.  You must try to stay on top of debts and not make matters worse by getting into arrears. 

Your housing officer will be pleased to talk to you about debt control and if you are in arrears come to a manageable repayment agreement.  There are also charities and other agencies set up for exactly this type of scenario.  So, if you’re worried about covering rising gas and electric costs or other essential bills, or wish to find out if you are entitled to any welfare benefits, you can visit or, which are debt charities.  These organisations have a lot of information about grants, benefits and other support available if you’re on a low income. Our parent, RHP also has some useful information on its website with links to agencies set up to assist

Please do let us know if you’re struggling to pay your rent or make ends meet. We can help offer solutions and may be able to signpost you to other agencies or philanthropic charities who may be able to help. We know that there are many claims upon your income and money has to be stretched. We’re here to help – and we can discuss what support we can offer, advice on budgeting, claiming benefits, and ways we can support you to pay your rent to prevent you getting into arrears and feed your family.