New Texting Service Going Live!

Save this number:  07398 377388

In line with other service and utility providers, Co-op  Homes is introducing a texting service to our residents.  We are committed to making accessing our services easier for you and increasing efficiency.  Using SMS has shown proven benefits to all concerned which is why we have invested in our new texting service for you.

If you have registered your mobile phone number with  us you will be able to quickly and simply get in touch to carry out some key commands.

Our telephone number for texts only is 07398  377388

Please save this as "Co-op Homes" in your contacts list.  You  will then be able to simply text:


BAL:   to get an instant balance on your rent account

RENT:  to send a message to us that you would like to discuss your rent account. One of us will call you back

STO:   to request setting up or changing a standing order. A member of our finance team will call you back

CARD : to request a new or replacement Allpay card

REPAIR: to let us know that you would like to book a repairs appointment. We will then call you back to discuss the problem and make an appointment.

DD*:    to request setting up a direct debit.  A member of our finance team will call you back.

* Please note the direct debit request service is only currently available for tenants of Co-op Homes.

As well as giving you increased access to us, Co-op Homes will be using SMS to contact you. For example, by confirming repairs appointments at the time they are made as well texting a reminder before it is due. We will also use automated texting when a repair job is completed to check that you are satisfied.  Rest assured that if you reply  you are dissatisfied we will contact you and the contractor to try and put the matter right!

We will also have the opportunity to contact more of you instantly if there is a problem in your  neighbourhood that you should be aware of.  We will also be supplementing our  income recovery work to send SMS texts to those who have fallen behind with rent payments.

If we already  have your mobile number, you  will have received a WELCOME message from our number (07398 377388) and we have sent all our residents a credit card sized reminder of all our contact details, which we hope will help you should you need to contact us.  if you would like another card or have any questions about the texting service please don't hesitate to contact us.