Repairs and Maintenance

We have a responsibility and are committed to providing homes that are in a good condition

If you need to report a repair* it will help us if you're clear about the following:

What the problem is
• Where it is
• Whether any other work has been done recently
• Location information such as what floor you are on
• Your availability for an appointment

We will then:

• Confirm your repair order
• Tell you if there is a charge for the job request
• Offer appointments for non-emergency repairs
• Contact you afterwards to check that you're happy with the work

How to make a repair request?

Online: Please click here


Text:  REPAIR to 07398 377388

Telephone: 020 3166 2608


* If you're a member of Ealing, Chippenham, Flame or Nimbus co-ops you should contact a member of your committee for advice.

Longlife and Bramleys co-ops have different repairs arrangements and you are asked to check your co-op's own page under the "Client Co-ops" tab above.


For EMERGENCY repairs out of office hours, weekends and Bank Holidays, please  call 0203 166 2608 and you will be transferred to our out-of-hours emergency contractor who will visit to make the situation safe. URGENT and ROUTINE repairs are generally carried out between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) and where available between 8am and 12 noon on Saturday.



Some repairs are more urgent than others, so we have a list of timescales detailed below, which will help you to understand when you can expect your repair to be completed.

Emergency Repairs will be attended to within 24 hours and include:

  1. Complete loss of water or burst pipes
  2. Complete loss of electricity (not related to no credit)
  3. Unsafe electrical outlets, e.g. sockets
  4. Breaches of security to outside doors or windows
  5. Complete loss of gas supply or gas leak (if you suspect a gas leak, turn off the gas at the meter immediately and call NATIONAL GRID on 0800 111999
  6. Blocked main drains, blocked soil pipe or blocked (sole) WC
  7. Loss of heating or loss of hot water for elderly/vulnerable tenants between 31st Oct – 1st May
  8. Offensive or racist graffiti
  9. Major structural defect


Urgent repairs will be attended to within 7 days and include  

  1. No central heating (when there is no alternative means of heating)
  2. No hot water (when electrically powered water heaters are the only source of hot water)
  3. Major roof leak

Routine Repairs will be attended to within one calendar month: These include:

  1. General joinery repairs
  2. Repairs to doors, floors and windows
  3. Repairs to external walls, fences and paths
  4. Repairs to walls, brickwork and slate/tiles
  5. Repairs/cleaning of gutters and down-pipes
  6. Repairs to kitchen fittings
  7. Repairs to plasterwork
  8. Repairs to tiling
  9. Easing doors and windows

Tell us what you think

We genuinely want to know what you think about our repairs service so we can make it better. If you have recently logged a repair request, you should receive either a follow up telephone call or feedback text giving you the chance to have your say on how you think your repair was handled. Please be honest with us as we use all our customers' feedback to make improvements to our services.