Co-op Homes introduces new repairs self-reporting

From Monday 16th September we're offering Fixflo, a market-leading repairs and maintenance management software, to our residents to report their own repairs online.  We believe that introducing Fixflo will help us improve on our already high standards in housing management, make us more efficient and help deliver a great customer experience to our residents and contractors. 

There is a smart, web-based image portal to report repair issues in over 40 languages - Fixflo will automatically suggest solutions to common, easy-to-fix repair requests, allowing users to resolve issues themselves without waiting for a contractor. The new repairs reporting portal will smooth the process for our contractors, our own employees and our customers who will soon be able to report and track repair requests and arrange contractors’ visits in real time.

This is another digital step forward for Co-op Homes, and as continuously improving our customers' experience of our service is at the heart of all we do, we’re excited to see how Fixflo can give us even more power to do this.

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