London Federation of Housing Co-ops

 London Federation of Housing Coops is a group which has met for nearly thirty years in London. It has provided training and support for the several hundred various housing co-ops in the capitol and has provided a point of contact to meet with other co-ops and various tenant-controlled housing.

Aims are:

  • To provide a forum for members of co-ops to meet and exchange their experiences.
  • To provide training and support through regular Forums.
  • To raise the profile of housing co-ops in the London region and to campaign and lobby in
    support of tenants controlling their own futures.
  • To reach out to co-ops needing outside assistance.

Attendance at the Forums is open to all those who are interested - membership of LFHC is not required, but for those who wish to participate more and/or contribute, there is a membership fee.

 AGM details are:


LFHC AGM and Forum 2022

SATURDAY: 28 May 2022

10:30 am London 

Zoom Link to the Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 0025 0807
Passcode: 198891

Open to everyone interested in

community led housing?