Paying your Rent

Your rent is due one week or one month in advance and it is YOUR responsibility to pay your rent to your housing provider even if you are in receipt of welfare benefits. Payment is due every Monday for those with a weekly tenancy or by the first of the month for those with a monthly ten​ancy.


There are a variety of options available for you to pay your rent. The general rules apply to all residents, whether you are a tenant of Co-op Homes or a member of a housing co-operative.


Housing Benefit

You MUST notify your Housing Benefit office if your circumstances change (for example, if you start or stop working).  If you're not sure if you are entitled to Housing Benefit, there are online calculators that can help check your entitlement to some benefits. Click here  for an example.

Direct Debit

This is an instruction to your bank or building society to make a regular payment to us from your account. This option allows us to automatically collect the correct rent due and requires no action by you when your rent changes. All Direct Debits are backed by your bank’s Direct Debit guarantee. If you would like to pay by Direct Debit please contact us.


You can call us directly to pay over the telephone with a debit  card or to set up a Direct Debit. Simply call us on 020 3166 2608 and one of our advisers will be pleased to help you.

Allpay Card

The Allpay card is a plastic swipe card with your name and rent account number on it. It isn't a credit or debit card but you can use it with cash, cheque or debit card at any Post Office, Payzone or Paypoint outlets. Cards are normally issued at the start of a tenancy but we can supply you with another one at any time if you send us an email 

You can also use Allpay card to pay over the telephone by calling the automated payment service on 0330 041 6497 or by using their dedicated webpage at

 My Tenancy

Using your My Tenancy account and details from your Allpay card, you can click the link to Allpay from your rent statement in My Tenancy and be re-directed to


Problems paying your rent? 

You should tell us straight away if you're having difficulties paying your rent. We would be pleased to provide you with free advice and do our best to help you bring your rent account back up to date. It is extremely important that you make contact with us as soon as you start having financial difficulties as we can only help you once we know there is a problem as not paying your rent could put you at risk of losing you home.