International Day of Co-operatives

Co-op Homes was set up in 1986 to provide management services to housing co-operatives where members (tenants) democratically control and manage their own homes.  Co-operatives are small community organisations quietly sustaining strong community businesses, often owning significant community assets. Many Housing Co-ops own their properties but some manage properties for other landlords (ie the council or Housing Associations).

People set up or become members of housing co-ops for a number of reasons:

  • Having a nice place to live
  • Living in a supportive and vibrant community
  • Good housing services and affordable rent
  • Having control over their homes and neighbourhoods

All co-ops have a commitment to the co-operative movement's value and principles, a tradition that dates back to the 1840s.

All of these are good reasons to be involved with Housing Co-ops and celebrate International Day of Co-operatives. Whatever the reason, the co-operative model is a good way of providing housing, at the same time as empowering ordinary people and their communities.