Ealing HC

11 homes in the Acton area of the London Borough of Ealing.
Registered Office: 265 The Vale, Acton, London W3 7QA

Ealing's contact at Co-op Homes for housing management enquiries is Kalpana Rimal 

For thirty years Ealing Housing Co-operative (EHC) has been providing homes for people where other organisations have been unable to help. 
EHC started with a small group of people in 1979 who were occupying a large multi occupancy property in Hanger Lane, Ealing which was due to be purchased by a local housing association trust. 
The group approached the trust with a view to managing the property and EHC was established as a limited company with its own constitution and rules. 
The Hanger Lane property was subsequently managed by EHC continuously for 25 years until the lease was terminated and the property scheduled for redevelopment.
In April 1982, EHC became managing agent for a group of eleven permanent flats in Acton Vale, West London which provided a solid foundation from which EHC could grow.
Working in partnership with housing associations based in the West London area and other agencies within the Greater London area, EHC has over the last thirty years continued to acquire and manage many "short life" properties providing varying length of lets to members, from as short as three months to three years.