Keep Gas Safe

Did you know that Co-op Homes is responsible for carrying out an annual gas safety check to all our homes? This is a legal requirement, even if there are no gas appliances at the property.

We have a duty to make sure that all our appliances are checked every year by Gas Safe (formerly called Corgi) registered gas engineers. We will also inspect your appliances at the same time.

Under your conditions of tenancy you must allow our staff or our operatives into your home to carry out gas safety checks every year. Our gas contractor will write to you when your gas safety check is due. The letter will be individually addressed to you and will let you know when we are in your area. If you are out when our contractors call they will leave you a calling card. Simply ring the number on the card and they will be happy to arrange another appointment with you.

All our contractors carry identity cards and you should ask to see this before allowing them into your home. If you are in any doubt about the identity of the gas inspector or any contractor who calls at your home without an appointment please call us on 020 3166 2608.

Please work with us to allow us to carry out this very important safety requirement which will give you peace of mind that the gas appliances and supply at your home is safe and not dangerous to use.

Gas appliances need a flue and adequate fresh air, to work safely. Do not block air vents. Faulty appliances can give off poisonous carbon monoxide fumes.

You can't see or smell carbon monoxide gas, but it can kill. Faulty appliances can also cause explosions.

Servicing and repairing your own appliances

Any appliances that you fit yourself (such as gas cookers or gas fires) fall outside of our landlord’s responsibility and you are responsible for getting these serviced and checked annually yourself to make sure they are safe to use. Regular servicing will also improve their efficiency and performance. You may be entitled to a free safety check if you meet your supplier’s conditions for joining their Priority Service Register – for information on this look on the back of your gas bill.

Between servicing intervals of your own appliances your should look for the warning signs that your gas appliance is need of servicing, such as

- your appliance is not working properly
- your appliance is burning with a lazy yellow or orange flame
- there is visible soot or yellow/brown staining around or own gas appliances
- the pilot light goes out repeatedly
- increased condensation inside windows.

In addition to having a regular servicing plan for your own appliance, please ensure that you never block flues, chimneys or air vents as they are there to allow fumes to escape from your home.

If you notice any of the above or anything that is unusual you should ask for your chosen Gas Safe registered engineer to check your appliances as soon as possible.


If you smell gas:
• immediately turn off the incoming gas supply at the meter
• open windows to ventilate the area
• call the NATIONAL GAS EMERGENCY LINE ON 0800 111 999.

Do not:
• use your mobile phone inside the house
• use your intercom system
• switch on or off any lights or electrical switches as this could cause an explosion
• smoke.

For a downloadable leaflet (as well as those in other languages) containing more useful information on gas safety and carbon monoxide poisoning please click here.

For answers to frequently asked questions on gas and gas safety please click here.

Please report repairs to us at Co-op Homes on 20 3166 2608.

You can telephone between :

• Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

If you have an emergency outside of these hours you will be redirected to our out of hours repairs service.

Complaints and feedback

Please let us know if you are not happy with the gas inspection service or quality of work carried out by our operatives. We also want to know if things go wrong. We will send you a satisfaction response letter after each gas safety inspection - please complete and return this to us as it helps us to monitor the services we provide and deal with any issues of poor performance promptly.

Remember - keep GAS SAFE!!