Fire Safety

At Co-op Homes we want to help you to live safely in your home. This page gives you important information about fire safety issues.

At Co-op Homes we place an absolute priority on fire safety across all our customers’ homes.


It’s our legal duty to keep you, your family, and your neighbours safe and make sure you can easily escape from your home if a fire breaks out in your block. This section explains the measures we take to keep you safe, as well as the common fire risks in your home and how to reduce them.

How we keep you fire safe

We carry out gas and fire safety checks before you move in. This includes testing the electrical wiring, making sure fire doors are working and that all escape routes are clear. A smoke alarm system is provided in converted blocks and our new-build properties are fitted with smoke alarms in line with current building regulations. All other properties have smoke alarms installed during upgrades or when they’re empty. Please get in touch if you don’t have a smoke alarm in your property.

During your annual gas safety check our specialist contractor tests your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – so please make sure you keep any appointments to have this vital check carried out.

In blocks of flats, we make sure communal areas and general building facilities are well maintained and check the electrical, gas and emergency fire detection devices.  It’s essential that your communal areas remain clear and free from obstructions. We carry out periodic inspections of the common parts for safety issues, identify repairs and make arrangements to dispose of items left in the communal areas.

Stay escape route safe


Leaving items in communal areas can block emergency exit routes and prevent the fire brigade and our employees and contractors from carrying out their duties. If items are set alight, they can give off toxic smoke and gas which might reduce visibility. They could also explode or cause the fire to spread more quickly. For everyone’s safety, no items should be kept in communal areas.


If we find any items in communal areas, we’ll remove them, according to our policy. You should therefore:


  • Never store personal items in intake cupboards
  • Always keep meter cupboards locked shut when not in use.
  • Always keep stores locked shut when not in use.
  • If you have any large or bulky items of household waste, you can arrange for them to be removed through your local council.


For a copy of our “Stay Fire Safe” booklet which contains lots of information about what to do in the event of a fire and how to keep your household safe,  please visit download our booklet below.


If you’ve got any questions about fire safety in your home, the Co-op Homes team is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to email us at or call 0203 166 2608.