Can you add your views to the Residents Voice?



The Resident Voice Index™ is a new research initiative designed to improve lives of social housing residents.

The first Resident Voice Index™ report captured the views of almost 4,000 residents about the neighbourhoods and communities they live in. Findings showed that residents wanted to feel a greater sense of community and improved safety. The creators behind the project are the National Housing Federation's Preferred Supplier, MRI Software, who have now launched their second survey and are inviting our residents to take part.

The second survey is titled Community Support and Life after Lockdown and  the NHF would like to encourage you to participate to ensure our residents' voices are heard.

The survey is completely anonymous and will never be traced back to people taking part. MRI Software is not paid by anyone to perform these surveys and the results will be published in a transparent way and available to anyone who wants to access them.  

Why Community Support and Life after Lockdown?

The past 18 months have been extraordinary and before memories fade, it’s important to explore how this period has affected our lives, communities, and our outlooks for the future.   

Collective thoughts and aspirations about the places we live are important to help create thriving communities - places we can be proud of and call home. Piecing together residents’ personal experiences, perceptions and feelings will help policy makers, housing providers and residents to make positive change happen.

The survey will be open until the end of December.