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Claim Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit online


Claiming Housing or Council Tax Benefit online if you live in READING


Claims for Housing or Council Tax Benefit can now be made online.  Making a claim online is quicker and more secure than sending personal information through the post.


When to make an online claim

You should make an online claim if you are having difficulty paying the rent or Council Tax. If you’re not sure whether you would qualify you should make a claim anyway so that the Benefit Section can check. When you make an online claim


How to make an online claim

To make an online claim you will need to visit:

 The online claim form has quite a few questions so you will need to set aside some time to enter the information we need. You can save the claim at any point if you need to check your paperwork for dates or reference numbers.

 Once completed the information provided is securely sent to the Benefit Section. 


Documents needed

When you submit an online claim you will be provided with an Evidence Checklist stating what documents you need to provide. For example identification, payslips, tenancy agreement

 It is important that any documents are provided straight away as the Benefit Section aims to assess new claims within 7 days of receiving all the claim form or from the date they receive the final piece of information.


Telling you about the assessment

When the claim is assessed the Benefit Section will send you decision letters showing whether or not you qualify and how it was worked out.


Further questions

If you have any further questions about Housing or Council Tax Benefit please contact the Customer Service Team at Reading on 0118 9373707.